Download the 10-Year Fleet Cost Savings Calculator
from Agile Fleet

This free calculation tool is simple by design, but highly effective in showing how much money can be saved!

Idle vehicles cost money... lots of money. Improving how you share vehicles allows you to eliminate vehicles from your fleet while continuing to provide drivers with the access they need. Find out how much your organization can save over a 10-year timeframe based on your own data!

Each vehicle that you eliminate from your fleet is “a gift that keeps on giving.

As a start, you generate cash from selling the under-utilized vehicle. Then, you eliminate the annual carrying costs for that vehicle each subsequent year. Carrying costs include depreciation/lease expenses, maintenance, insurance, parking, and administrative costs. So, you end up eliminating the carrying costs in the first, second, third year…and on and on.

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Download the Calculator below:

Fleet Costs Savings Calcuator


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