Industries FleetCommander Serves


Agile Fleet's FleetCommander is a leading fleet vehicle management and motorpool solution.

The FleetCommander enterprise solution is in place everywhere, from federal, state, and local governments; to universities, large corporations (including Fortune 100 companies), and other organizations. Agile Fleet customers manage fleets ranging from 25 vehicles at a single site to many thousands of vehicles at multiple sites spanning entire states. 

FleetCommander technologies are trusted solutions for vehicle sharing, scheduling, fleet management, and vehicle reservations. Combined with automated dispatching and comprehensive reporting capabilities that increases fleet utilization and fleet optimization, Agile Fleet's FleetCommander delivers greater efficiencies and proven cost-savings.

While most fleet technologies historically focus solely on the maintenance activities associated with vehicles, FleetCommander streamlines the time consuming tasks performed by fleet managers. Agile Fleet's FleetCommander has the most feature-rich and configurable automated vehicle scheduling and vehicle reservation system available in the fleet market space. No other product offers such a robust vehicle reservation capability, wide range of dispatching options, or extensive rightsizing reports, all in one product.

“…exactly what we needed.”

The FleetCommander product was exactly what was needed. We now have a fully automated motor pool that is secure and provides complete accountability for access to vehicles. Even better is the fact that we have all of the data and reporting capabilities we need to fully understand how our fleet is being used.”

– Salt Lake City Airport

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