Solutions Overview

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The Core FleetCommander Engine:

Manage Your Drivers & Vehicles Online

Agile Fleet's FleetCommander is a fleet management information system (FMIS) offering a robust core product and a choice of optional modules -- for a total fleet management software solution.

Agile Fleet’s core product – the FleetCommander Engine - helps you manage all your fleet drivers and vehicles online. Featuring comprehensive and secure hosting, our core product offers fleet reports and dashboards that provide you with essential fleet data at the touch of a button. Fleet driver policy is automatically communicated and enforced, enabling your fleet to run smoothly and efficiently. The core FleetCommander Engine is included with all of our optional modules. Choose one, all, or any combination of modules for a solution customized to meet the unique needs of your fleet.

If you have other systems in place, rest assured. Agile Fleet's FleetCommander FMIS integrates with 100s of systems smoothly.


Motor Pool Module

Access Industry-Leading Motor Pool Management

Agile Fleet's flagship product, the FleetCommander FMIS, is recognized worldwide as the leading solution in motor pool management. Automating the manual processes associated with managing a motor pool is one of the most significant ways to keep vehicle costs down and improve service. FleetCommander's Motor Pool module is a comprehensive, 100% web-based vehicle sharing solution that is used in industries such as government, commercial, utility, education, and more. Key capabilities include online vehicle reservations, automated key dispatching, automatic data collection, automated billing and reporting, and much more. Read more on our motor pool management software here >>


Key Control Module

Manage keys the easy way

If keeping track of and distributing keys is a challenge to your motor pool, FleetCommander's key management module offers secure key boxes and kiosks for convenient dispatching of vehicle keys around the clock. Even when your motor pool office is closed, getting fleet vehicles is as easy as getting a boarding pass in an airport! The Agile Fleet Key Control module is fully integrated with our FleetCommander vehicle sharing solution, so you will always know who used the vehicle last. No more lost keys or fuel cards! Read more on fleet key management solutions here >>


Maintenance Module

Manage work orders, preventive maintenance, parts, technician time, and more

Struggling to keep maintenance schedules up to date on your vehicles? Let FleetCommander's Maintenance module automate the process. Manage work orders, send reminders, and capture maintenance activities all in one convenient dashboard. It’s easy to track and manage PM tasks, repairs, parts, labor, technician time, and other maintenance information with Agile Fleet's maintenance dashboards. Reports help you highlight costs as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your program. Read more on fleet maintenance software here >>


Fuel Module

Track fuel costs, get odometer data, and more

If you want to manage your fuel, bring in odometer data, take control over costs, or trigger preventive maintenance reminders with odometers, the FleetCommander Fuel module will help. Fuel reports contain crucial Level III data (driver/vehicle ID numbers, odometer readings, fuel type, gallons purchased, cost of fuel, etc.) from major fuel card and fuel pump vendors like Voyager, Fuel Masters, Fleet One, Comdata, WEX, and more. Read more about Fuel Management System here >>



Risk Management Module

Never lose track of claims again

Accidents are an unavoidable part of fleet management.  Managing claims, and tracking costs from beginning to end are a challenge if you don’t have an efficient way to take control. FleetCommander's Risk Management data collection wizard will walk you through the entire process, collecting pertinent information such as insurance information, police reports, injury information, witnesses, photos, and much more, all online. All data is accessible on an easy-to-read dashboard. Plus, understanding accident trends will help you address training and implement safety policies that can prevent accidents and save thousands of dollars a year. Read more on risk management here >>



GPS Module

Collect trip and vehicle data automatically

Agile Fleet's FleetCommander offers a GPS solution that enables you to collect trip, vehicle, and driver behavior data automatically. Real-time location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, comprehensive reports and alerts, routing and messaging – all immediately available and at your fingertips using a simple and intuitive interface. Read more on our GPS Module here >>





COVID-19 Impact strategic planning

Let our experts help you thrive despite COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reduced the usage of fleet vehicles everywhere. If you haven't formulated your plan to rebound in our new reality, our fleet management software can help. Fleet managers who want to create a plan for succeeding in a COVID-19 world are invited to reach out to our fleet experts. Agile Fleet will work with you to understand your fleet and apply more than 100 years of experience to develop cost-saving strategies and a plan for moving forward. We’ve worked with organizations just like yours to address similar challenges, and we can connect you with peers as well. Request more information here