Fleet Motor Pool Management

AgileFleet’s powerful, web-based FleetCommander solution automates all aspects of your fleet and motor pool management while capturing the vehicle utilization metrics you need to cut costs, rightsize, and take charge of your fleet assets.

See How Automated Motor Pools Pay Off

“…effective & efficient.”


We are proud of the sustainable, effective and efficient management that our division has achieved with the assistance of FleetCommander.”


— Prince George’s County, Maryland

FleetCommander is a web-based system that automates your shared vehicle fleet to optimize utilization and lower costs while improving your driver's experience:

  • Online vehicle reservations
  • Provides auditable and secure vehicle access and key dispatching - 24 x 7 x 365
  • Automatially collect odometer reading, driver credentials, check-in/check-out time, and more
  • Forecast demand and capacity requirements
  • Automated billing and reporting
  • Report out detailed utilization and capacity data down to the specific vehicle level

Automate the Vehicle Sharing Process (Motor Pool)
As Easy as 1-2-3


Automated Dispatch & Key Management

Reporting and Billing

Motorpool and Fleet ManagementAs Easy as 1-2-3


Vehicle Sharing and Online Reservations

Want your drivers to love having a motor pool? With Agile Fleet's FleetCommander, they will...and you will too.


No more scheduling vehicle reservations via multiple email chains, faxes, spreadsheets, or white boards.  With our fleet management solutions, including motor pool management, drivers can do it themselves online. Plus they have access to the vehicles that best fit the job – and only the ones they are allowed to drive.


Automatic confirmation emails eliminate the need for phone calls to check on the status of requests. Your customers can view the status of their vehicle requests/usage online 24/7.


You can review vehicle reservation requests, assign vehicles, and approve vehicle requests with just the click of a mouse...or let Agile Fleet's FleetCommander do it for you automatically. Plus, you will receive instant notification of late-returning vehicles and other fleet issues.


Agile Fleet's FleetCommander can communicate driver policies and enforce rules for you automatically. The FleetCommander fleet management information system can help you monitor items such as expired driver’s licenses, training status, specialized certifications, and more.

“...no more sticking magnets on a board.”

In the past, we’ve had to take reservations in person or by email, while keeping track of them by hand in a log book. With FleetCommander, there is no more sticking magnets on a big board in our office. We were writing with one hand and erasing with the other.”  

— Central Arizona Project


Automated Dispatching and Key Management

Agile Fleet knows one size does not fit all
when it comes to key management and dispatching.
That’s why the FleetCommander FMIS offers technologies
suited for every dispatching scenario.

Key Lock Box

With FleetCommander’s fleet key management solutions and automated dispatching capabilities, key pick-up and return is a snap, and all activity is recorded automatically - including odometer readings - behind the scenes. Let your fleet drivers access keys to vehicles 24 hours a day...even in outdoor and remote locations.

  • Keys won’t disappear any more. Keys are secured and all key activity is logged.

  • Vehicle pick-ups and returns can happen anytime...not just when your motor pool staff is there.

  • Valuable data is recorded when the keys are picked up or returned. There’s no need for extra, duplicated data entry.

  • Motor pool staff can focus on other work rather than managing dispatch functions.

  • Supports remote locations that have little or no staff.

  • Manage the pools from one central location or have administrators at some or all of the sites.

Key Kiosk

“...It’s a win-win.”

We will be reducing costs at the same time we are making it easier and more convenient for state employees to access a vehicle – day or night – using the self-service motor pool kiosk with automated key control. It’s a win-win for the state and for our employees.”  

— State of Colorado


Right-Sizing, Billing & Reporting


The FleetCommander FMIS is renowned for its highly robust fleet data mining and reporting capabilities. From usage, to vehicle status, to costs, and much more, there are more than 60 FleetCommander reports to give you a clear picture of your fleet. And you can keep your supervisors informed as well.


Your monthly billing shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Not only can the  FleetCommander FMIS calculate charges for shared vehicles, it can also create billing files for vehicle reservations, repairs, preventive maintenance, parts, and fuel charges that are formatted so your financial system can immediately import them.


Fleet rightsizing is FleetCommander's specialty. Do you have too many vehicles? Not enough? Do you have the right mix of vehicle types? With just a few mouse clicks, FleetCommander's reports will tell you and put you in charge of fleet optimization.


Every FleetCommander module offers specific reports that will help you manage your fleet. And when you choose filters and sorting, there are thousands of custom reports you can create.
Fleet Management Reports

Here are just some of the dozens of reports that
can be run with the FleetCommander FMIS.
Agile Fleet can also create custom reports just for you.

Fleet Usage & Vehicle Status Reports
Fleet Summary & Vehicle Usage Reports
Motor Pool & Vehicle Utilization Reports
Aging By Miles & Time Reports
Maintenance, Parts & Fuel Reports
Maintenance Costs, Tasks & Schedules
Work Order Billing & Parts Reports
Fuel Summary & Details Reports
Mileage-Fuel Cost Report
Reservation Reports
Reservations & Usage Reports
Billing Reports
Missing Mileage Report
Late Return & Cancellation Reports
Asset & Risk Reports
Asset Summary & Detail Reports
Accident Summary Report
Accident Detail Report
User Reports
User & Driver Reports
Department Summary Report
Human Resources Report
Risk & Accident Management Reports
Incident Summary & Details Reports
Loss Run Report

“...the fleet was reduced.”

By utilizing the FleetCommander software, we were able to right size the fleet while ensuring transportation is available to employees when needed. The county fleet was immediately reduced by 30 vehicles, and this number may increase.”  

— Forsyth County, NC