Fleet Key Management Solutions


A Key Control System You Can Trust

Fully integrated with Agile Fleet's FleetCommander vehicle sharing and motor pool solution

  • Access keys around the clock. Keys are securely available any time of day or night – no extra staff required for the pickup or return of keys.
  • Never lose track of keys again. Custody of keys is automatically recorded in the FleetCommander fleet information management system. You can secure fuel cards too!
  • Consider climate-controlled units. Extreme weather is no problem for Agile Fleet's heated and cooled outdoor units. Great for remote locations.
  • Collect odometer, fuel status, and parking location. No extra data entry required!
  • Integrates with your employee RFID badge. This makes the login process even faster and easier!
  • Optimize use of vehicles. You need fewer vehicles when they are shared efficiently using Agile Fleet's FleetCommander Motor Pool module.

Better Fleet Key Management in 3 Easy Steps

Agile Fleet's key control system is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Drivers can make vehicle reservations online, or from a Grab-n-Go request right at the kiosk. Requests are approved individually or auto-approved.
  2. Driver logs into the kiosk (similar to getting a boarding pass at an airport.) Once logged in via touch screen or badge scanner, the keybox opens and a light next to the authorized key lights up. All other keys remain locked in place. The key can be removed, and the dispatch-out time is recorded in the FleetCommander FMIS.
  3. Driver returns the key to the keybox. The kiosk will prompt drivers for information such as ending mileage, fuel status, parking location, or other data you specify.

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Fleet Key Management Box Options 

The perfect complement to the Agile Fleet motor pool solution

  • Many sizes and form factors to meet your motor pool challenges. Individual boxes can be daisy-chained to accommodate more keys.
  • All keys remain locked in place. The only key that is released is the one associated with the reservation. Return any key any time.
  • Mail-slot key box secures keys and fuel cards simultaneously.
  • Security measures include required username and password (or badge) to login, must be an authorized user, tamper alarms, tamper-proof key rings, and more.
  • Solid steel doors, clear Lexan doors, or extended doors are optional. Speak with our motor pool experts to customize options to best meet your needs.
  • Emergency or problem? Admins access keys remotely or on site, any time!

Key Management Technology You Control

Pair Key Box with Agile Fleet's Kiosk, or use your own PC/laptop)

  • Familiar interface for ease of use. Touch-screen functionality with optional keyboard is as easy as getting an airport boarding pass.
  • Fully-configurable. Add customized messages, communicate policies, or configure to your fleet's specifications.
  • Use your own PC or laptop. Reduced costs, increased efficiency!
  • Optional RFID readers. Speak with our motor pool experts to customize and configure options to best meet your needs.

"...access to vehicles 24 x 7."

“[We have] relied on paper logs, emails, and incoming telephone calls to schedule vehicles for the thousands of DHS employees. Automating reservations and dispatching with the FleetCommander unstaffed, secure key control system will enable employees who currently handle those tasks to focus on non-fleet-related duties. Drivers will have access to vehicles 24 x 7. We're hoping word will spread and we will be able to bring the solution to our other facilities”

— U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Configuration Examples to Meet a Variety of Needs


Michigan manages 21 motor pool sites across the state. Since 2010, Michigan State employees have used the automated system to share 570 vehicles approximately 76,000 times per year, with a daily average between 200-300 uses.

“By incorporating fleet technology into our operations, we are achieving efficiencies we never thought possible.” – The State of Michigan




Scott County has saved over $250K in personal vehicle usage reimbursements. Scott County has significantly reduced the cost of personal vehicle usage by requiring the use of a motor pool vehicle rather than personal vehicles.

“The added convenience of online reservations and streamlined fleet management of the FleetCommander system has boosted morale here at Scott County.” – Scott County, MN


Three of the county's locations are equipped with touch-screen, self-service fleet kiosks, and secure key boxes that distribute and collect keys.

"We now have total control of our vehicles. We can see when some groups have unused vehicles while others must use their own personal vehicles at the county's expense to conduct official business. Sharing vehicles among departments has enabled us to significantly cut POV reimbursements that were a considerable expense to our county.“
-Forsyth County, NC




Rugged conditions are no problem. Kiosk screens are protected from the hot sun and extreme temperatures in the State of Colorado.

“Offering access to vehicles around the clock through a self-service motor pool is a significant service to drivers.” -State of Colorado


The multiple-award-winning fleet of the City of Boise uses an efficient kiosk and key control system that offers ease and convenience to their drivers.

Boise’s use of our car sharing solution is a testament to their total vision for an efficiently operating fleet, so we are not surprised they are winning awards.” – Agile Fleet President Ed Smith 

Boise Kiosk 5-595273.jpg

"...that's a success!"

“We needed a solution for an additional outdoor location that could survive the elements and allow employees to pick up and return vehicle keys anytime day or night. The bright, full-color kiosk is intuitive for our employees, is available around the clock, and able to withstand weather extremes. I'd say that's a success!”  

— City of Boise, Idaho