Utilities Industry Fleet Technology Solutions


Agile Fleet's FleetCommander fleet management information system (FMIS) has enabled utilities to add motor pools and manage their fleet vehicles with ease and efficiency, savings hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.
Whether your assets are utility trucks, bucket trucks, cable trucks, hybrids, sedans, or a mix of them all, you can improve fleet utilization, control fleet optimization, and rightsize your fleet using FleetCommander. Agile Fleet's utility clients deliver cost-savings and efficiencies with FleetCommander's:

  • Fully automated vehicle reservation, dispatching, and comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • Automatic fleet driver policy communication and enforcement

  • Robust data collection and asset utilization metrics for replacement analysis

  • Total scalability, capable of managing thousands of users and assets

  • Improved customer service to internal and external customers

  • Maintenance, parts inventory, fuel, and telematics functionality

  • Integration with existing fleet systems, including fuel, billing, HR, authentication

…and much more. 

Here’s a snapshot of what a few of our utility customers have achieved:

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission:

  • Consolidated department motor pools

  • Increased size of their central motor pool while reducing total number of fleet vehicles

  • Increased user population for shared vehicles by a factor of 9

  • Serves more customers with fewer vehicles

Florida Power & Light

  • Had three large motor pools of specialized equipment

  • Created 10 mini-pools

  • Reduced heavy equipment pools by 60 vehicles ($125,000 each)

  • Immediately saved $7.5M by selling unneeded vehicles

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

  • Nation’s sixth-largest publicly owned utility

  • Reduced fleet by 30% using Agile Fleet FleetCommander utilization statistics

  • Automated key pick up and drop off processes with kiosks and key systems

  • Utilizes “Grab & Go” capability, allowing drivers to check out a vehicle on the spot

  • Captures all vehicle usage data through FleetCommander


FleetCommander has been beneficial to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission with ease at the level of professionalism and efficiency desired by most companies.”

– San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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Utilities Client List (Partial)

  • American States Utility Services

  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative

  • Calwater

  • CenturyTel

  • Devon Energy

  • Eastern Municipal Water District

  • Los Angeles Department of Power and Water

  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission