Commercial & Private Industry Fleet Technology Solutions


Fleets in large corporations (including Fortune 100 companies), private industry, and other organizations use FleetCommander technologies every day to manage and share vehicles.
Commercial and private industry organizations love FleetCommander because it has the most feature-rich and configurable automated vehicle scheduling and reservation system available in the fleet market space. No other product offers such a robust reservation capability, wide range of dispatching options, or extensive right-sizing reports, all in one product. FleetCommander enables these organizations to:

  • Manage motor pool reservations online

  • Offer secure access to vehicles and keys around the clock, without requiring on-site staffing

  • Communicate and enforce fleet policies, automatically

  • Collect fleet data and utilization metrics for analysis and right-sizing

  • Manage and share as few as 25 vehicles to many thousands of vehicles, including heavy equipment, tools and other assets

  • Utilize automatic data collection via in-vehicle telematics and GPS

  • Manage other aspects of their fleet, including maintenance, parts inventory, fuel and much more

“…loving FleetCommander.”

My boss is loving FleetCommander. He always watches the dashboard and now, he sees everything. Before, he had no visibility.”

– Daifuku Webb, Subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company

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