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Optimize Your Fleet with FleetCommander Fleet Management Software

Whether you have 25 vehicles or thousands, Agile Fleet will help you with our easy-to-implement-and-use solutions for vehicle sharing, fleet utilization and optimization, vehicle maintenance, and right-sizing. 

Optimize your vehicle fleet and simplify your life with FleetCommander

Our Fleet Management Solutions 

The Core FleetCommander Engine: Manage Your Drivers & Vehicles Online

FleetCommander is a fleet management information system (FMIS) founded on a robust core application and customized with your choice of optional modules, to deliver the specific fleet management software solution your organization needs. 


Automated Motor Pool Management Solution & Vehicle Sharing

Sharing vehicles is a breeze with Agile Fleet's FleetCommander. Our vehicle management solution enables you to eliminate paper processes and offers online motor pool vehicle reservations to manage medium to large-scale fleets.  
Plus, our dispatching solutions automate fleet key management around the clock, and FleetCommander’s dozens of reports makes rightsizing initiatives effortless.  

Comprehensive Fleet Management Software

FleetCommander’s technologies address nearly every aspect of managing your fleet. From motor pool and assigned vehicles, to maintenance, parts, fuel, accident and risk management, to billing and fleet right-sizing, the FleetCommander FMIS simplifies vehicle management.  
The efficiencies you will achieve can save hundreds of thousands—even millions—of dollars.  

Fleet Utilization Metrics, Reporting, and Cost Reduction

Our customers routinely reduce the size of their fleets by 15% or more.  
From vehicle usage analytics to fuel costs and much more, data collected by our FleetCommander fleet management software gives you a clear picture of what you are spending on your fleet. You can then easily identify which vehicles to remarket, and what types of vehicles you need most, all automated and online. It couldn’t be easier. 

Fleet Risk & Accident Management

Accidents are fact of life in the fleet and motor pool world. FleetCommander's Risk Management module provides complete visibility into accidents and claims processing.

When you know accident trends, you can tailor training and safety awareness to address those trends, reducing accidents and costs.

Overwhelmed by the many tasks of fleet management? We’ve got your back.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Manager Responsibilities for valuable tips and strategies to manage it all like a champ.

 resources to help you learn about fleet management


Agile Fleet is happy to provide resources to help you learn about fleet management best practices from our team of experts.  

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Fleet & Motor Pool Solution

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Fleet & Motor Pool Solution

Choosing fleet technology can be an intimidating task, but it doesn't have to be. This exclusive guide offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating motor pool technology and deciding whether it is right for your organization.

Fleet Savings Assessment Report

Fleet Savings Assessment Report

Find out what you can save by requesting Agile Fleet's complimentary Fleet Automation & Right-Sizing ROI Analysis. The report is created exclusively for you by our fleet experts, and you can get started by answering a few simple questions.

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Agile Fleet: The most trusted name in fleet management 

We’re the approachable fleet management technology company, and FleetCommander users are not shy about singing our praises. 

Meeting Higher Demand with Fewer Vehicles

"FleetCommander will encourage vehicle sharing and utilization efficiencies so that we actually will be able to eliminate vehicles each year from our fleet, despite the higher demands . . . by reducing the number of vehicles we need to add, and by finding opportunities to improve vehicle-sharing capabilities."

University of Oklahoma 
Data-based Decisions

“With FleetCommander, we are now able to collect the utilization data we need to make smart decisions about where to cut our pool vehicles while still enabling our drivers to have access to the vehicles they need to do their work.” 

Central Arizona Project
One System Does It All

"It took us no time at all to get started, and we saw immediate advantages. With FleetCommander, we now use one system instead of three, and billing data is automatically generated when vehicles return. I am so thankful we are using FleetCommander now." 

Cedarville University
A Great Partnership

“You have a great team! This is a great partnership. It says something about your product when we can roll FleetCommander out to 9 new sites without a whimper from them.”

State of Michigan
A Quick Return On Investment

"The 50 vehicles we cut [using FleetCommander data] were eligible for replacement. It would have cost the county $800,000 to replace those vehicles, not to mention ongoing maintenance and depreciation expenses that would have been associated with those new vehicles. That's a considerable savings.” 

Forsyth County, North Carolina
Exactly What We Needed

"The FleetCommander product was exactly what was needed. We now have a fully automated motor pool that is secure and provides complete accountability for access to vehicles. Even better is the fact that we have all of the data and reporting capabilities we need to fully understand how our fleet is being used." 

Salt Lake City Airport