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If a slowdown in vehicle use due to the global pandemic is costing your organization thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in carrying costs, we can help.  Whether you have  25 vehicles or thousands, FleetCommander will help you share vehicles, understand your utilization, reduce idle vehicles, and right-size your fleet.


Wondering how much idle vehicles are costing your organization since COVID-19 started?

Calculate it now with our exclusive Fleet Waste Calculator below ​​​


Automated Motor Pools & Vehicle Sharing 

Sharing vehicles is a breeze with FleetCommander. Our solution enables you to eliminate paper processes and offer online motor pool reservations to manage medium to large-scale fleets. Plus, our dispatching solutions automate the management of keys around the clock. And, FleetCommander’s dozens of reports makes right-sizing initiatives effortless. Whether you are starting a motor pool or improving the efficiency of one you have, FleetCommander is the solution for you. 


Comprehensive Fleet Management

FleetCommander technologies address nearly every aspect of managing your fleet. From motor pools and assigned vehicles, to maintenance, parts, fuel, accident and risk management, to billing and right-sizing, the FleetCommander fleet management information system (FMIS) simplifies fleet management. And the efficiencies you’ll achieve can save tens of thousands-- even hundreds of thousands -- of dollars. Ask us how we can save thousands for your fleet.


Right-Sizing Fleet Metrics, Reporting & Cost Reduction

Did you know our customers routinely reduce the size of their fleets by 15% or more? From vehicle usage analytics to fuel costs and much more, data collected by FleetCommander gives you a clear picture of what you are spending on your fleet. Easily identify which vehicles to retire, and what types of vehicles you need most. All automated and online. It couldn’t be easier.

Managing Fleet in Pandemic Agile Fleet

E-guide: Managing Fleet in Pandemic Conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the fleet world as we’ve known it. Many fleet staff now work from home, special precautions must be taken within fleet to avoid spread of the virus, overall fleet utilization is down across most fleets, and 80% of fleet staff feel their fleet budgets are going to be impacted. What can we do? Download this new resource and find out what experts recommend.

Download it now.

Expert Tips.jpg

Expert Tips: How to Start a Motor Pool

New to car sharing? Since 2000, fleet managers have been turning to fleet technologies to help make it easy and efficient. You can too. This report offers expert tips on where to start and help you avoid costly startup mistakes.  Download this report now.

How One County Saved $800K by Right Sizing Cover.jpg

Success Story:  How One County Saved $800,000 & Slashed POV Expenses by 50% 

The Forsyth County, NC automotive division achieved $300K savings by eliminating 8% of their total fleet, streamlining key management processes, and slashing by 50% the County's expenses for personally-owned vehicle (POV) usage. Download this success story and find out how they did it.

Managing Multiple Motor Pools Cover.jpg

Case Study: Managing Multiple Motor Pools

Ever wonder how to expand your motor pool beyond one location? Read about how the State of Michigan manages 15 motor pools from one central location in the state. Download this case study and find out how they do it.


Our Latest Post:

Wondering how much idle vehicles are costing your organization since COVID-19 started?

Calculate it now with our exclusive Fleet Waste Calculator​​


The global pandemic has left thousands of vehicles sitting idle in parking lots, and costs continue to mount. Financial officers, business analysts, and fleet managers haven’t started making substantive adjustments to their operations. Why? We hear:

  • "We don't know when the pandemic will end."
  • "We're not sure how different our vehicle needs will be after the pandemic."
  • "Our replacement budget is already established and it's hard to change."
  • "We've always auto-renewed our leases."
  • "Vehicle procurement lead times are long, and we'll eventually need vehicles, so we don't want to get rid of any."

The best way to understand how important it is to make fleet changes is to start by learning what inaction may be costing you. A big-picture estimate of the cost of idle vehicles can be calculated by: 

# of Idle Vehicles​
X daily carrying cost of a vehicle​
X # of days until anticipated return-to-normal​
= Total cost of idle vehicles

How much are idle vehicles costing you? Enter your numbers in our calculator and find out. The cost may alarm you. A fleet of only 100 vehicles with an on-going utilization rate of 5% would have a total pandemic impact of $630,907 if we don’t return to normal until November of 2021. 

The good news is we can help you with a near term, mid-term, and long-term plan to transition to post-pandemic reality. By right-sizing and right-typing your fleet you can get your fleet costs on track while achieving your mission. 

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  • Vehicle Optimization

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