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Precisely Track Trip Details with GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Agile Fleet's GPS fleet management software offers complete insight into all aspects of your fleet operations. It provides real-time location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, comprehensive reports and alerts, routing, and messaging—all available and at your fingertips immediately—using a simple and intuitive interface. 

gps fleet management solutions
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Agile Fleet is happy to provide resources to help you learn about fleet management best practices from our team of experts. 

how valid odometers affect fleet decisions

How Valid Odometers Affect Fleet Decisions

Having accurate odometer readings can have a big impact on a multitude of crucial fleet management decisions. What information does the odometer provide, and how do you ensure your data is accurate? Download this exclusive report for answers. 

changing bad motor pool driver behavior

Changing (Bad!) Motor Pool Driver Behavior

On average, 95% of drivers in a motor pool will comply with policies, IF they know what they are. The other 5% test the system and its rules. But with the right policies and tools in place, these behaviors can be changed painlessly. This new guide offers a step-by-step plan to reduce bad and costly driver habits.

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How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Work?

Accurately and automatically collect odometer info and the data you need to understand individual vehicle trip details and the overall utilization of your fleet. No need to rely on drivers to record accurate odometer readings: it's done seamlessly. And data can be transmitted back to the FleetCommander FMIS for a turnkey solution. 

gps tracking for fleet vehicles, fleet gps tracking system

How Does Our GPS Tracking Software Help Your Fleet?

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FAQs about GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Got a question? We’ve got an answer.
Explore our FAQs to find answers to common questions about our solutions.

Why is GPS tracking important for fleet management?

GPS tracking is vital for fleet management as it provides real-time location data, enabling better route planning, improved driver accountability, and enhanced customer service. It also plays a crucial role in theft prevention and recovery, as well as in monitoring vehicle usage and driver behavior for increased safety and efficiency.​

What are the key benefits of implementing GPS fleet tracking?​

The key benefits include increased operational efficiency through optimized routing, reduced fuel consumption and idle times, improved safety and compliance with driving regulations, enhanced customer satisfaction with accurate ETAs, and lower operational costs. Additionally, GPS tracking data can support strategic decision-making and fleet optimization efforts.​

How does GPS tracking improve driver safety and accountability?​

GPS tracking systems can monitor driving behaviors such as speed, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration, allowing fleet managers to identify risky behaviors and provide targeted training or interventions. This not only improves driver safety but also promotes a culture of accountability and responsibility within the fleet.​

Can GPS tracking help in reducing fuel costs?​

Yes, by providing data on vehicle routes, idling times, and driving behaviors, GPS tracking can help identify areas where fuel efficiency can be improved. For example, optimizing routes can reduce travel distances and times, while monitoring idling can lead to policies that limit unnecessary fuel consumption.​

What should companies consider when choosing a GPS tracking solution for their fleet?​

Companies should consider the scalability of the solution, the ease of integration with existing fleet management systems, the quality and accessibility of data and reporting, the level of customer support provided, and, importantly, the security features to protect sensitive data. Choosing a solution that aligns with the company's specific needs and goals will maximize the benefits of GPS tracking for the fleet.​

Agile Fleet: The most trusted name in fleet management 

We’re the approachable fleet management technology company, and FleetCommander users are not shy about singing our praises. 

Meeting Higher Demand with Fewer Vehicles

"FleetCommander will encourage vehicle sharing and utilization efficiencies so that we actually will be able to eliminate vehicles each year from our fleet, despite the higher demands . . . by reducing the number of vehicles we need to add, and by finding opportunities to improve vehicle-sharing capabilities."

University of Oklahoma 
Data-based Decisions

“With FleetCommander, we are now able to collect the utilization data we need to make smart decisions about where to cut our pool vehicles while still enabling our drivers to have access to the vehicles they need to do their work.” 

Central Arizona Project
One System Does It All

"It took us no time at all to get started, and we saw immediate advantages. With FleetCommander, we now use one system instead of three, and billing data is automatically generated when vehicles return. I am so thankful we are using FleetCommander now." 

Cedarville University
A Great Partnership

“You have a great team! This is a great partnership. It says something about your product when we can roll FleetCommander out to 9 new sites without a whimper from them.”

State of Michigan
A Quick Return On Investment

"The 50 vehicles we cut [using FleetCommander data] were eligible for replacement. It would have cost the county $800,000 to replace those vehicles, not to mention ongoing maintenance and depreciation expenses that would have been associated with those new vehicles. That's a considerable savings.” 

Forsyth County, North Carolina
Exactly What We Needed

"The FleetCommander product was exactly what was needed. We now have a fully automated motor pool that is secure and provides complete accountability for access to vehicles. Even better is the fact that we have all of the data and reporting capabilities we need to fully understand how our fleet is being used." 

Salt Lake City Airport

Show Me The Data

Set up your fleet program for data-driven success by gathering, interpreting, and sharing the metrics that matter.

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