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Government Fleet Management Software, Streamlined and Simplified

Federal, state, and local governments across the U.S. and Canada trust our FleetCommander fleet management information system (FMIS) to help them automate their fleet operations and establish or expand their motor pools. Whether you have 25 vehicles at one motor pool site or thousands of vehicles at multiple sites, our government fleet management software is scalable to your fleet size. 

Government Fleet Management Streamlined and Simplified

FleetCommander Highlights 

FleetCommander is a web-based SaaS platform that automates your government fleet management operations to optimize utilization and lower costs while improving driver experiences: 

  • Vehicle reservations through easy-to-use interface
  • Analyze and forecast demand and capacity requirements
  • Auditable and secure vehicle access and key dispatching 24X7
  • Easy internal billing to designated departments
  • Automatically collect odometer readings, driver credentials, check-in/check-out time, and more 
  • Customizable profiles align vehicles with appropriate use and even usage distribution
  • Detailed utilization and capacity data down to the individual vehicle level 
  • Mitigate risk with policy communication and enforcement and tracking drivers’ licensure, insurance, and safety training compliance 

Government Purchasing Made Easy 

Purchasing can be the biggest hurdle for government agencies to acquire a fleet management solution, but Agile Fleet has you covered. We offer multiple contract vehicles to simplify your FleetCommander purchase.   
Federal agencies, state and local governments, colleges and universities, and other public entities are entitled to receive the lowest prices available through our GSA Schedule. You can also leverage one of our many existing state, county or municipal contracts. FleetCommander licensing options are also available through Sourcewell.  

Speak to an Agile Fleet representative today to discuss procurement options and determine which is the best match for your needs. 

Government Purchasing Made Easy

How can FleetCommander help you and your customers?

Learn how FleetCommander has helped Fairfax County, VA streamline its fleet management operations.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We’ve got an answer.
Explore our FAQs to find answers to common questions about our solutions.

What are the benefits of using government fleet management software?​

Government fleet management software offers numerous benefits, including streamlined operations, enhanced data accuracy, improved vehicle utilization, reduced operational costs, and better compliance with environmental and safety standards.​

How does government fleet management policy impact operations?​

Government fleet management policies set the framework for how fleet operations are conducted, including procurement practices, maintenance schedules, usage guidelines, and disposal procedures. These policies aim to ensure efficient and responsible management of government vehicles, optimizing their use and minimizing environmental impact.​

What are the challenges faced in government fleet management?

Challenges in government fleet management include managing costs, ensuring vehicle availability, complying with environmental regulations, adapting to technological changes, and maintaining a diverse fleet to meet various operational needs.​

How can government agencies improve their fleet management practices?​

Government agencies can improve fleet management practices by adopting advanced fleet management software, implementing data-driven decision-making, engaging in regular training for fleet managers, optimizing vehicle replacement cycles, and focusing on sustainability initiatives.​

Can FleetCommander integrate with existing government systems and databases?

FleetCommander is designed to integrate seamlessly with various government systems, including fuel card systems, telematics systems, and accounting or ERP platforms, streamlining data sharing and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Agile Fleet: The most trusted name in fleet management 

We’re the approachable fleet management technology company, and FleetCommander users are not shy about singing our praises. 

Meeting Higher Demand with Fewer Vehicles

"FleetCommander will encourage vehicle sharing and utilization efficiencies so that we actually will be able to eliminate vehicles each year from our fleet, despite the higher demands . . . by reducing the number of vehicles we need to add, and by finding opportunities to improve vehicle-sharing capabilities."

University of Oklahoma 
Data-based Decisions

“With FleetCommander, we are now able to collect the utilization data we need to make smart decisions about where to cut our pool vehicles while still enabling our drivers to have access to the vehicles they need to do their work.” 

Central Arizona Project
One System Does It All

"It took us no time at all to get started, and we saw immediate advantages. With FleetCommander, we now use one system instead of three, and billing data is automatically generated when vehicles return. I am so thankful we are using FleetCommander now." 

Cedarville University
A Great Partnership

“You have a great team! This is a great partnership. It says something about your product when we can roll FleetCommander out to 9 new sites without a whimper from them.”

State of Michigan
A Quick Return On Investment

"The 50 vehicles we cut [using FleetCommander data] were eligible for replacement. It would have cost the county $800,000 to replace those vehicles, not to mention ongoing maintenance and depreciation expenses that would have been associated with those new vehicles. That's a considerable savings.” 

Forsyth County, North Carolina
Exactly What We Needed

"The FleetCommander product was exactly what was needed. We now have a fully automated motor pool that is secure and provides complete accountability for access to vehicles. Even better is the fact that we have all of the data and reporting capabilities we need to fully understand how our fleet is being used." 

Salt Lake City Airport

Concerned about justifying a fleet management solution? Don't be.

Forsyth County, NC saved $800,000 by rightsizing their fleet, streamlining key management, and slashing personally owned vehicle usage reimbursements.

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