Fuel, Risk and GPS


Fuel Cost Management

Want to control your fuel costs and really understand what is being spent? Look no further than FleetCommander Fuel module. FleetCommander fuel reports contain crucial Level III data (driver/vehicle ID numbers, odometer readings, fuel type, gallons purchased, cost of fuel, etc.) from major fuel card and fuel pump vendors. These include Voyager, FuelMaster, Fleet One, Comdata, WEX, and more. With FleetCommander, having the right fuel transaction data can help fleet managers have a clear picture of fuel usage, while at the same time capturing odometer readings for optimal maintenance schedules and right-sizing.


Risk & Accident Management

While safety is a crucial aspect of fleet management, we understand that accidents are an unavoidable fact of life in the fleet and motor pool world. But everything from managing the administrative tasks associated with risk to understanding root causes of accidents doesn’t have to be a headache. FleetCommander’s Risk Management module offers complete visibility into accidents and claims processing. Plus, when you know accident trends, you can tailor training and safety awareness to address those trends, which ultimately reduces accidents and costs. 


GPS Solutions

Our GPS solution offers complete insight into all aspects of your fleet operations. It provides real-time location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, comprehensive reports and alerts, routing, and messaging -- all immediately available and at your fingertips -- using a simple and intuitive interface. Data can also be transmitted back to FleetCommander, for a total solution, all in one place.


Collect Odometers Automatically!

FleetCommander's GPS solution enables you to accurately and automatically collect odometers and the data you need to understand individual vehicle trip detail and the overall utilization of your fleet. No need to rely on drivers to record accurate odometers: it's done automatically.


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“...we saw immediate advantages.”

It took us no time at all to get started, and we saw immediate advantages. With FleetCommander, we now use one system instead of three. I am so thankful we are using FleetCommander now.”  

— Cedarville University