Pricing & Return on Investment


FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software is an enterprise-class, web-based application that scales to meet your needs.  We are a great fit for fleets ranging in size from 25 vehicles up to thousands of vehicles. We can accommodate an unlimited number of users and we are confident that no other provider of fleet and motor pool software, hardware, services offers the value of our solution at such a competitive price.  

Our pricing is based on the solutions you need.  Although the application is used by extremely large fleets, including Fortune 100 companies and government entities of all sizes, the site is also perfect for smaller fleets.  You choose what you need.

Software Pricing:

FleetCommander software is priced based on the number of vehicles you need to manage and the number of FleetCommander software modules you desire. We will never charge you based on the number of users accessing the system.  In fact, we believe the value of the system is increased as you allow access to more and more people that manage the fleet and drive your vehicles. Software pricing considers: 

Number of vehicles managed - FleetCommander software licenses are based on the number of vehicle you need to manage.

Which software modules you need - Not all fleets need the full-power of FleetCommander.  Pick-and-choose the software modules you need to achieve your objectives. FleetCommander modules include:

  • Motor Pool / Vehicle Sharing

  • Assigned Vehicle Management

  • Maintenance

  • Parts Management

  • Risk Management

  • Fuel Management


Hardware Pricing:

Hardware pricing is based strictly on the number of units you require and the type of hardware you need.  Hardware includes:

  • Secure, vehicle dispatching key boxes

  • Self-service motor pool kiosks

  • GPS & other in-vehicle telematics (wireless & cellular) 

We have hundreds of hardware options as well as peripherals to maximize the benefit of your hardware solution.  Tell us what you are trying to achieve and we’ll help you find the right hardware.


Services Pricing:

From what we’ve seen, we provide the best value on fleet services in the industry. Services include:

  • Application hosting

  • Turn-key implementation services

  • Training

  • Integration and software development

  • Maintenance and technical support

  • Fleet consulting

  • And many other value-added services

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Return on Investment for Sample Fleet

With FleetCommander, County Agency’s fleet will reap benefits by reducing vehicles and by optimizing the use of their fleet staff. The total number of vehicles will be reduced when there are efficient and effective ways to share. With our automated tools, we’ll streamline fleet operations and give them visibility into their fleet’s utilization. Conservative estimates of fleet reduction are 15%--or more. Check out the savings County Agency will be able to achieve for the citizens of Great City.

Fleet Profile: County Agency, Great City, USA

   125 vehicles comprised of:

100 assigned vehicles and 25 already-pooled vehicles
–  One motor pool location
–  500 fleet users

5-Year Return On Investment (ROI):

$8 saved for every $1 spent


Year 1 Costs 

 Annual Costs
After Year 1

FleetCommander software & services, including:



- FleetCommander software



- Complete setup support and training



- Hosting, maintenance & technical support



- Site optimization and configuration  coaching



- Hassle-free customer service



- Unlimited number of users




Cost for FleetCommander software & services:








Year 1 Savings

Annual Savings
After Year 1

Estimated reduction in vehicle count

 18 Vehicles


Reduction in maintenance & depreciation (est.@ $4,000/vehicle)



One-time vehicle disposal income (est@ $3,500/vehicle)



Other savings (parking, insurance, administrative @ $500/vehicle)



Estimated Savings



Less Cost of Fleet Commander




Year 1

After Year 1