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Agile Fleet Announces Winners of Core Values Awards for 2023

Chantilly, Virginia - Agile Fleet, a leading provider of fleet management software solutions, is pleased to announce the winners of its Core Values Awards for 2023. The Core Values Awards recognize notable leaders in the fleet industry who exemplify the company's core values of Strong Partnerships, Approachability, Initiative, Integrity, and Flexibility.

"I am honored to congratulate the winners of the Agile Fleet Core Values Awards for 2023," said Agile Fleet President and CEO, Ed Smith. "These individuals and organizations have demonstrated exceptional commitment to our shared values. Their dedication to these principles has not only made them successful in managing their fleets, but it has also helped them provide exceptional service to their customers."

The winners of the Agile Fleet Core Values Awards for 2023 are:

Strong Partnerships: Gretchen Melendy of Sonoma County. Gretchen has played a key role in the Human Services Department of Sonoma County, championing and serving as FleetCommander's focal point across several county departments. Gretchen's mentorship and guidance were instrumental in Sonoma County's Health Department's decision to implement FleetCommander software in its operations.

Approachability: Sammy Parcell of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). Celebrated for his helpfulness and adaptability, Sammy has connected Agile Fleet and its FleetCommander software with the right people and departments on UTK's campus. His advocacy for FleetCommander was instrumental in Agile Fleet's decision to select UTK for its upcoming 2023 User Conference. Whether introducing prospects to FleetCommander, taking reference calls, or providing feedback, Sammy has been valuable in assisting Agile Fleet in its mission.

Initiative: Denver International Airport (DIA). DIA is recognized for their innovative approach to implementing Agile Fleet's KeyControl system. A crucial consideration when implementing KeyControl is where to install its kiosks/keyboxes. DIA conceived of unique adaptations to install their KeyControl system in their service garage. This novel and fresh approach to KeyControl set-up demonstrates the type of initiative that Agile Fleet recognizes with this award. 

Integrity: Casey Meredith of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Casey oversees the GPS portion of the VA's fleet management operations and is an exceptional member of the VA team. Since taking on this new responsibility in October, Casey has directed the installation and updating of GPS tracking devices on all of the VA's 687-vehicle fleet. Known for her diligence and dedication, Casey is a go-getter on her team and embraces her many job responsibilities with integrity and respectfulness.

Flexibility: Leigh Jackson of the West Virginia Fleet Management Department (FMD). An invaluable member of the FMD team, Leigh has been instrumental in the department's implementation and operation of FleetCommander. This experience has since allowed Leigh to work with other State of West Virginia agencies to configure FleetCommander to provide a common comprehensive platform for the State to manage its fleet operations. She has proven to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring the needs of the state's agencies and FMD are met daily.

"We congratulate the winners of this year's Core Value Awards for their outstanding achievements and thank them for their continued partnership with Agile Fleet", said Smith. "We look forward to seeing how they continue to drive excellence in their fleet operations for years to come."

Agile Fleet is an employee-friendly provider of technology to the fleet industry. They offer cutting-edge fleet management software, hardware, and other services that enable businesses to better manage their fleet operations. Their software, FleetCommander, is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing fleet managers to easily access, monitor, and manage all aspects of their fleet operations. This includes applications that help efficiently manage both drivers and vehicles through functions including preventative maintenance and repairs, key control, vehicle tracking, fuel management, and more. With FleetCommander’s powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, Agile Fleet helps businesses maximize their fleet’s performance and efficiency, all while saving them money. 

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