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City of Stamford Fleet Projects cost savings of more than $1-million

City uses fleet metrics to eliminate underutilized vehicles

City of Stamford 300CHANTILLY, VA, July 11, 2018
 -- The City of Stamford, Conn. Fleet projects a 5-year cost savings of more than $1-million by establishing a shared-vehicle program, reducing unneeded vehicles, and eliminating associated costs such a maintenance, insurance, and replacement costs. The announcement was made today by Agile Fleet, creator of the fleet management information system in place in the City of Stamford.

Stamford’s fleet maintenance Manager Mike Scacco launched his car sharing initiative in 2016 because he was concerned about high fleet costs and lack of metrics to understand vehicle usage. “Every time I went to the Government Center, there were always 30-40 cars sitting idle, some with dust on the windshields. The general consensus was that we needed more vehicles, but my gut told me that wasn’t right.”

Scacco started by creating a policy requiring employees to share vehicles. He then took the best 49 out of 80 vehicles sitting idle at the Government Center and launched a motor pool. The remaining 31 vehicles were moved out of service until they could assess if 49 was the right number of vehicles to meet the needs of employees. Using the automated Agile Fleet FleetCommander system, Scacco was able to streamline the vehicle-sharing process by offering online vehicle reservations, and automated dispatching and key management, as well as billing and reporting. The system enabled him to collect usage data, and he determined that not only did they not need more vehicles, but that they could further reduce the 49-vehicle shared fleet down to 29. He was then able to sell the unneeded 51 vehicles.

Stamford also uses GPS technology to track vehicle usage and driver behavior: “GPS is integrated with the FleetCommander system, providing data to feed our reports. This has helped us get a handle on our fleet and provide better service to our city employees,” Scacco said.


About Agile Fleet

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