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Ohio University Attacks Fleet Utilization to Slash Costs

Automated fleet system fosters vehicle sharing, automatic capture of utilization data, and streamlining of fleet management tasks to meet state reporting requirements

CHANTILLY, VA, September 11, 2014 -- Fleet utilization metrics are the cornerstone of a new Ohio University-based initiative to increase motor pool vehicle sharing and dramatically reduce costs for the university. Nearly every facet of managing the 450-vehicle fleet is expected to be enhanced using the comprehensive web-based fleet management information system, FleetCommander. The announcement was made today by FleetCommander creator Agile Access Control, Inc.


According to university officials, Ohio University (OU) is required by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to report on its fleet utilization in order to identify opportunities to save money. This initiative will streamline their fleet management operations and provide clear visibility of fleet costs. OU's short-term goals for managing its fleet with FleetCommander are to:

  • Automatically capture accurate fleet utilization data
  • Present real-time utilization data in the form of fleet dashboards and reports to enable fleet managers and business analysts to understand vehicle use
  • Automatically generate vehicle use charges and produce billing files bound for the university's accounting systems
  • Improve efficiency of its maintenance processes and control maintenance costs

"Through analyzing utilization statistics, we can efficiently grow our motor pool to better meet vehicle needs on campus while reducing fleet size simultaneously," says Ron Ritchie, Assistant Director of Transportation & Parking. Ritchie says in the long run their goal is to streamline their motor pool management processes, increase overall efficiency of their fleet operations, encourage sharing of vehicles, and improve customer satisfaction.

In an effort to achieve their goals, OU will be equipping four university vehicles with Agile's FleetShare keys-in-the-vehicle dispatch technology as well as collecting odometer values and other trip data with Agile's Utilization and Diagnostic Chips (UDCs). The easy-to-implement technologies reduce the occurrence of human error in the data collection process while providing data for reports instantaneously. No duplicate data entry is required.

Agile FleetShare facilitates car sharing by enabling drivers to access keys via a secure ID card scanned at the windshield. No fleet staff is needed to dispatch Agile FleetShare vehicles and trip statistics are automatically collected. Fleet drivers reserve vehicles online at their convenience via FleetCommander. Agile FleetShare vehicles can be parked geographically where they are needed to further improve service to fleet drivers and encourage car sharing.

Agile's UDC telematics device plugs into the vehicle's OBD-II port and collects trip and odometer data automatically. In the near future, OU is also planning to use Agile's secure key control systems to allow drivers to self-dispatch from the central motor pool.

"I'm very excited to see OU take this step. While the cost savings made possible through FleetCommander technologies are the most anticipated benefit, I think the entire OU community will be just as surprised at the other benefits FleetCommander offers to faculty, staff, and students. In just a few short weeks, there will be positive changes to the condition of vehicles, the availability of vehicles, the composition of the fleet at each location, and more," says Ed Smith, president of Agile. "Roughly 35% of the FleetCommander customers are in the education space. It's such a complicated environment in which to manage a fleet. We're confident FleetCommander will have a big impact at OU."


About Agile Access Control, Inc.

FleetCommander creator Agile Access Control, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Chantilly, Va., which serves fleet and motor pool managers in the university, government, utility and commercial sectors. Agile's FleetCommander software is a powerful, highly configurable, web-based application that streamlines the use of vehicles through easy-to-use software, and presents real-time data in the form of intuitive dashboards, graphs, gauges, online forms, and a wide variety of reports. The suite of FleetCommander technology tools also includes Agile FleetShare™, car sharing technology that offers keys-in-the-car access to geographically dispersed vehicles with a scanned ID card at the windshield; unstaffed check-in at kiosks, secure key control and key boxes; in-vehicle utilization and diagnostic devices; GPS solutions, and much more--all tied into the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software. Resulting in lower vehicle and personnel costs and higher customer satisfaction, FleetCommander can be used as a stand-alone, customized fleet management system or integrated with an organization's existing fleet systems. For more information, contact Agile Access Control, Inc. at 408-213-9555 x1 or or visit