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Prince George’s County Social Services automate fleet management

System will auto-enforce policies, improve utilization, track vehicle location, manage PM schedules, more

PGCoMDCHANTILLY, VA, July 26, 2018
 -- The Prince George’s County Department of Social Services has launched a project to automate the management of its 52-vehicle shared fleet to slash costs, improve efficiency, and enable the organization to better support its workers. The announcement was made today by Agile Fleet, creator of the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool system that is being implemented there.

“We are looking forward to taking full advantage of fleet technology to help us be more efficient with the County’s vehicles while taking steps to ensure both customer and worker safety,” says Director Gloria Brown Burnett.

The new system will enable the department to:

  • Efficiently share vehicles among departments
  • Manage vehicle and user profiles online
  • Offer online vehicle reservations (currently managed with manual paper processes)
  • Track key custody and provide round-the-clock vehicle access through an unstaffed, secure key box
  • Collect vehicle usage data needed to reduce underutilized vehicles and right-size their fleet
  • Track vehicle location using GPS technology to ensure safety of after-hours workers
  • Communicate and enforce policies automatically as workers interact with the automated reservation system
  • Issue timely preventative maintenance reminders using accurate odometer data tracked by the GPS component of the system
  • Track and limit the use and expense of personal vehicles for official business
  • Reduce incidents of late pick up and returns
  • Automatically restrict availability of certain vehicles to qualified staff members
  • Eliminate manual reporting processes

The Agile Fleet FleetCommander system has been in place at the Prince George’s County, MD Fleet Management Division in Upper Marlboro since 2013, and at their Largo site since 2015.

About Agile Fleet

Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, Agile Fleet is a fleet management solutions company that serves the government, university, utility, and commercial sectors. Agile Fleet's software, hardware and services enable organizations to efficiently manage all aspects of drivers and vehicles to reduce costs, save time, and improve service. The industry’s best value in fleet management, Agile Fleet solutions delivers extensive functionality at an affordable price. Agile Fleet’s flagship product, FleetCommander, delivers the automated management of fleet maintenance, motor pools, vehicle keys, GPS & telematics, fuel, and risk. Additional services provided by Agile Fleet include seamless integration with other systems, fleet efficiency analysis, in-depth technical support, fleet consulting, and much more.

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