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SMUD, the Nation's 6th Largest Public Utility, Automates Fleet

Utility's goal is to cut motor pool by 30% by understanding vehicle utilization metrics

CHANTILLY, VA, June 6, 2012 -- The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), the nation's sixth largest publicly owned utility, has implemented FleetCommander fleet and motor pool technologies to automate its fleet of pool vehicles. SMUD's deployment of FleetCommander went live last week. Armed with vehicle utilization data collected by FleetCommander, SMUD officials predict being able to reduce the size of their pool fleet by 30% while greatly improving service to their fleet drivers. SMUD's goal is to have 100-200 vehicles and equipment managed by FleetCommander. The announcement was made today by Agile Access Control, Inc., (Agile) creator of FleetCommander.

SMUD solicited proposals for a turnkey, web-based motor pool management system from among several industry fleet and motor pool solution providers. SMUD's selection criteria included a solution that "provides optimum vehicle utilization, scheduling, vehicle reassignments and peak demand statistical information for pool type vehicles." SMUD was also looking for a solution that offered secure and automated key pick-up and drop-off capabilities, as well as being able to accept online reservation requests, deliver reservation notices, and to maintain user and vehicle profiles.

SMUD is automating the entire process, from reserving vehicles online to picking up keys using an unstaffed kiosk and the secure FleetCommander keybox. SMUD currently has four key control systems located across their campus.

With FleetCommander, SMUD employees are now able to see online what cars are available and reserve the most appropriate vehicle for their needs. In addition, fleet managers are able to view the status of their pool fleet with the FleetCommander live online fleet dashboard which graphically depicts vehicles reserved, late return vehicles, up to the minute utilization, and many other details. The dashboard updates every five minutes.

Another improvement is the Grab & Go capability that allows drivers to check out a vehicle on the spot through the kiosk, while still tracking vehicle usage through FleetCommander. All metrics are captured allowing fleet management clear visibility of the fleet of pool vehicles and equipment.

In the coming months, SMUD will evaluate how employees are adapting to the new FleetCommander system. "We are thrilled to be the solution of choice for SMUD. In the past eleven years, we have developed FleetCommander into a product that has not only technical depth, but a breadth of capabilities to meet the needs of a fleet such as the one managed by SMUD," says Ed Smith, president and founder of Agile.

About Agile Access Control, Inc.

FleetCommander creator Agile Access Control, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Chantilly, Va., which serves fleet and motor pool managers in the university, government, utility and commercial sectors. Agile's FleetCommander software is a powerful, highly configurable, web-based application that streamlines the use of vehicles through easy-to-use software, and presents real-time data in the form of intuitive dashboards, graphs, gauges, online forms, and a wide variety of reports. The suite of FleetCommander technology tools also includes Agile FleetShare™, car sharing technology that offers keys-in-the-car access to geographically dispersed vehicles with a scanned ID card at the windshield; unstaffed check-in at kiosks, secure key control and key boxes; in-vehicle utilization and diagnostic devices; GPS solutions, and much more - all tied into the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software. Resulting in lower vehicle and personnel costs and higher customer satisfaction, FleetCommander can be used as a stand-alone, customized fleet management system or integrated with an organization's existing fleet systems. For more information, contact Agile Access Control, Inc. at 408-213-9555 x1 or or visit