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Achieving Cost Cutting with Fleet Metrics

Agile Fleet President Ed SmithRight-sizing your fleet isn’t something that can happen overnight. But it can happen, and with the help of a closer look of your fleet metrics, your savings will be significant. Here is a look at cost-cutting initiatives you could achieve, the fleet metrics you will need to achieve success, and our estimated savings per fleet vehicle.

Fleet Metrics Table

We have broken out cost-cutting initiatives into the following buckets:

  • Reducing fleet size by allocating vehicles to motor pool
  • Reducing fleet size with fleet optimization and/or with existing motor pool cars
  • Reducing fleet size by consolidating trips
  • Reducing fleet size by maintaining a fleet inventory that matches demand by type of vehicle
  • Using staff more efficiently and consolidating jobs
  • Reducing abuse of vehicles through the effective enforcement of fleet policies and procedures

Concerned you don't have the vehicle metrics to attempt some of these cost-cutting initiatives? Your source for fleet metrics can be found in a combination of fleet maintenance systems, parts inventory systems, fuel management systems, GPS, risk management systems, and a Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) such as FleetCommander. As you jump into your right-sizing initiatives, make sure your systems are being leveraged to the fullest extent possible. We recommend attempting to automate the sharing of data across systems so that all the valuable data is available in one place for reporting and analysis.

Don’t have a fleet management system yet? Think about all of the sources and types of data you’ll ultimately need for right-sizing and include that in your procurement specifications. If you’re still not sure, reach out to our fleet experts. At no cost, we can help you define your benchmarks and objectives, set goals and set you on the path to right sizing.