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County/City/Local Government Fleet Success Story

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Federal, state, and local governments across the U.S. trust Agile Fleet's FleetCommander to help automate fleet operations and create or expand motor pools. 

Whether you have 25 vehicles at one motor pool site or thousands of vehicles at multiple sites, FleetCommander fleet management software is scalable to suit your fleet size.

The City of Stamford is like many public organizations that rely on vehicles to achieve their mission. Concerned about high fleet costs and lack of metrics to understand vehicle usage or needs, the city took a hard look at ways to better manage their vehicle fleet. By automating their fleet processes and sharing vehicles, the City stands to save $1 million over five years. Read this success story and find out how they did it.

  • Learn about how the City identified 30-40 cars
    that sat idle most, some with dust on the windshields, and decided to make changes.
  • How did the City create a culture of accountability with hard data to back up its decision-making?
  • How did the City focus its preventative maintenance schedules to always be on time and empower drivers to report mechanical issues that get resolved effectively?
City of Stamford Case Study


Learn more about how fleet technology can evolve your county, city, and local government fleet practices.

sonoma county


Prince Georges County Case Study



Government Client List:

  • City of Chandler, Arizona
  • City of Boise, Idaho
  • Town of Cochrane
  • Salt Lake City Airport