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E-Guide: Developing & Enforcing Fleet Policy

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Developing and Enforcing Fleet Policy CoverClear and powerfully enforced policies are proven to significantly cut costs and improve safety. But despite the obvious benefits and the relatively low costs of developing them, not all fleets have written policies in place.  Even if they do, many fleets do not have systems in place to efficiently enforce them. Our e-guide will show you where to start when developing your fleet's policies, how to put them in place, and the most effective ways to enforce them.

You'll learn:

  • What areas should be addressed by policies
  • Which unexpected policies can save your fleet significant costs
  • How to eliminate resistance to policy enforcement
  • How policies can be enforced automatically
  • Ways to reduce staff time necessary to communicate and enforce policies

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“…we cut POV reimbursements by 50%.”

We can now see when some groups have unused vehicles while others must use their own personal vehicles at the county's expense to conduct official business. Sharing vehicles among departments has enabled us to significantly cut POV reimbursements that were a considerable expense to our county. We have more than surpassed our goals by reducing POV by 50%. That alone has been a huge success for us.” 

— Forsyth County, NC

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