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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fleet Utilization & Achieving a Right-Sized Fleet 

Co-authored by experts from NAFA & Agile Fleet



This nearly 50-page resource is the quintessential guide to understanding and achieving optimal fleet utilization. It was written by fleet experts within Agile Fleet and NAFA with thousands of hours of experience working with both public and private organizations. This guide offers an in-depth look at how to understand and change the utilization of your fleet. Whether you are new to the fleet industry or have spent years managing fleets of vehicles, this nearly 50-page e-book is for you. In it you will learn about:

  • Utilization basics: Capacity and demand
  • Essential fleet utilization metrics - and how to understand what they are telling you 
  • Fleet Utilization Studies: Baselining, setting targets, affecting change, and continuous utilization analysis & improvement
  • The importance of fleet policy relative to vehicle utilization
  • Discrete initiatives to consider that will improve your fleet's vehicle utilization

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“…a quintessential resource.”

“The subject of fleet utilization has always been a topic of great interest to fleet managers, and there is a need in the industry for a resource that addresses it in-depth; this book meets that objective.” 

— Kate Vigneau, NAFA Fleet Management Association

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