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Utility Fleet Case Studies & Success Stories

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Agile Fleet's FleetCommander fleet software platform has enabled utilities to add motor pools and manage their fleet vehicles with ease and efficiency, savings hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. 

Whether your assets are utility trucks, bucket trucks, cable trucks, hybrids, sedans, or a mix of them all, you can improve fleet utilization, control fleet optimization, and right size your fleet using FleetCommander. 

Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC) is a model for how utility companies can optimize the use of fleet vehicles to drive down the total cost of providing energy to its customers while enhancing the levels of service to their drivers. Gain insight from their example to increase utilization and save money.

In this case study, learn how BEPC:

  • Reduced vehicle acquisition costs by approximately $100,000.
  • Generated ongoing annual savings of $20,000.
  • Automated data collection and maintenance to support vehicle and key accountability.

Download the BEPC Interview below:

BEPC Thumbnail

Learn more about how fleet technology can evolve your utility fleet practices.

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Some of our Utility Fleet Clients:

  1. Lansing Board of Water & Light
  2. Salt River Project
  3. Central Arizona Project - CAP
  4. WSSC Water
  5. El Paso Electric