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Keeping Key Management Under Control

If you want to increase efficiency in your fleet management processes, it is important to empower your drivers to do more with the basic tasks that get them behind the wheel.

Key control systems streamline processes, while at the same time making vehicles available to users around the clock, allowing fleets the ability to reduce the number of vehicles on hand. That reduces costs, not just in the short term but year-over-year.

Consider the onerous manual process of putting the vehicle keys into the hands of the drivers. It's not just the time consumption of handing out and taking back the keys. It's also (often rushed and inaccurate) data logging, and the responsibility the organization assumes when they hand out that key. And what about when your customers need vehicles at night or over the weekend, times when there may not be admin at the office? Key management systems can change this, and you'd be surprised how quickly it can happen.

Learn more about fleet management software and system that get keys where they need to be safely and efficiently!

Key Management Improves Utilization and Reduces Fleet Size

Vehicles that can be used multiple times per day, around the clock, can do more work. That means you need fewer vehicles on hand to meet the needs of your users. Having automated key systems means that availability is always there, even when staff may not be. More efficient use of vehicles means
fewer vehicles in your fleet.

Key Management Reduces Personal Vehicle Expenses

If your fleet policy specifies that if a fleet vehicle is available to a driver, they should use that and not their personal vehicle, having that availability as convenient and painless as possible to both your staff and your customers is necessary. Automated key management means a vehicle can always be there for your drivers, and this alone will reduce personal vehicle usage. Plus, the organization retains oversight of that vehicle being used, providing confidence that equipment being used for your work purposes is properly maintained and "up to spec."

Key Management Keeps Assets Secure

Who is taking what? How do you know and how is it being recorded? Automated key management means 100% complete accountability to vehicles. Drivers can only take keys assigned to them, and that accountability ensures no more lost keys or fuel cards. 

Key Management in Combination with Fleet Management Information Systems Provide More Accurate Billing

Vehicles can be dispatched and returned multiple times per day. This encourages drivers to bring back vehicles as soon as they are done to minimize charges rather than extending out the time they hold onto those vehicles. That gets the vehicles back into rotation quicker. Key pick up and return is tracked down to the second, resulting in better utilization, and ultimately, fewer vehicles.

How Easy is a System Like This to Use?

The short answer is...incredibly easy.


Drivers can make vehicle reservations online, or from a Grab-n-Go request right at the kiosk. Requests are approved individually or auto-approved.

The driver logs into the kiosk (similar to getting a boarding pass at an airport). Once logged in via touch screen or badge scanner, the keybox opens and a light next to the authorized key lights up. All other keys remain locked in place. The key can be removed, and the dispatch-out time is recorded in the FleetCommander FMIS.

The driver returns the key to the keybox. The kiosk will prompt drivers for information such as ending mileage, fuel status, parking location, or other data you specify.

If you want to learn more about key management technology, we encourage you to read more about it here. This will give you a strong overview of how you can change your fleet processes better AND make vehicle sharing convenient for your customers, saving money all the way. Not seeing an answer to a specific question about key management and want to know more? The Agile Fleet team is always happy to discuss. Contact us today and we'll tell you everything you need.

And key management combined with powerful fleet management software can help you reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet, significantly reducing costs not only in Year One, but year-over-year. Download Agile Fleet's 10-Year Fleet Cost Savings Calculator. It's absolutely free and can give you insight into the money sitting in your parking lot right now. 

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