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FAST data collection & reporting available via Agile Fleet FMIS

Solution available to all Federal agencies, currently in use by all EPA regions

CHANTILLY, VA, March 29, 2019
 -- Automated Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) data collection and reporting is now available to all Federal agencies as part of the Agile Fleet web-based fleet management system, FleetCommander. This capability, implemented and used by thirteen regions across the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for FY2018, transmits Vehicle Level Data (VLD) used by GSA, DOE, and the Energy Information Administration in accordance with federal vehicle fleet reporting requirements. The easy-to-use, first of its kind solution automates time-intensive processes required by federal agencies to collect mileage, maintenance activities and costs, vehicle use and lease or purchase cost data for vehicles subject to FAST reporting. The announcement was made today by the tool’s creator, Agile Fleet.

The FAST Reporting capability was developed with guidance from the EPA. EPA currently uses FleetCommander for reporting across all regions and EPA headquarters. EPA also uses the Agile Fleet Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) to manage and automatically share vehicles via self-service kiosks, track and collect vehicle and user data, communicate and enforce policies, and adjust fleet size and composition based on data.

“Our client EPA presented their challenge of manually collecting and reporting FAST reporting data on disparate spreadsheets and databases. We worked closely with them to develop a solution that totally automates the way they handle FAST reporting, easing the time-consuming task associated with the reporting requirement,” says Ed Smith, Agile Fleet President and CEO. “We are thrilled with their rapid success and look forward to sharing this capability with other Federal agencies faced with the same challenge.”

The Agile Fleet FAST reporting capability collects data and automatically uploads it into DOE systems. Data collected includes:

  • FAST Vehicle Identifiers
  • FAST Fleet / Garage
  • FAST attribute data management
  • Automated cost calculations
    • AFC Surcharge
    • Lease Cost
    • Maintenance Cost
    • Accident Repair Cost
    • Fuel Cost

Reports available via the tool include:

  • FAST Asset Summary Report
  • FAST VLD Reports (formatted for submission to GSA)
    • XML
    • Excel Fleets
    • Excel Vehicles
    • Excel Fuel

The Agile Fleet FMIS FleetCommander also enables EPA and Federal Agencies to:

  • Offer drivers a self-service motor pool with online vehicle scheduling capability
  • Offer drivers access to vehicles and keys via a secure, self-service kiosk and key box
  • Automatically collect the usage data so that vehicles can be rotated, properly utilized, and identify and eliminate unneeded vehicles
  • Receive instant notification of late-returning vehicles
  • Communicate and enforce fleet policies automatically
  • Eliminate paper processes and save staff time by keeping track of who made, approved, changed, or deleted vehicle requests online
  • Collect metrics from all phases of vehicle use
  • Use vehicle utilization reports to right-size their fleet size and composition
  • Save money by eliminating vehicles that FleetCommander utilization data shows are not needed
  • Keep track of driver profiles online
  • Run reports and do billing automatically, and more


About Agile Fleet

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