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Commonwealth of Kentucky reduces motor pool by 28%

Kentucky Cabinets for Energy, Environment & Public Protection surpass efficiency goals

CHANTILLY, VA, October 17, 2012 -- The Kentucky Cabinets for Energy, Environment and Public Protection (EEC PPC) has reduced their two original motor pools by 28% through the use of FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software solutions. The announcement was made today by Agile Access Control, Inc., (Agile) creator of FleetCommander.

The Kentucky General Administration and Program Support (GAPS) sought to implement fleet management technology because it was looking for an efficient way to manage the approximately 1,400 vehicle assets used by the EEC PPC. In the past, the organization used white boards and paper forms to keep track of fuel purchases, work orders, vehicle reservations, policy enforcement, and other information. Since implementing FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software in 2010, the EECPPC has made significant strides in efficiency, including:

  • Reducing their two original pools by 28%
  • Balancing pools by moving underutilized vehicles from one site to another
  • Eliminating vehicles from sitting for long periods
  • Evening out utilization across the pools
  • Eliminating double booking
  • Eliminating mileage reimbursement for personal vehicles due to availability of pooled vehicles
  • Automating reporting processes
  • Collecting accurate odometers to trigger preventive maintenance
  • Reducing the workload on administrators

The EECPPC drastically cut down on the staff hours needed to track the activities of the more than 1,000 assigned vehicles, as well as the more than 110 vehicles in their motor pool. In addition, the organization needed to track vehicle usage on a daily basis in order to trigger maintenance reminders. "The EECPPC required its drivers to account for vehicle usage on a daily basis, including fuel transactions, odometers, vehicle usage type, and more. Our team created a custom mileage and daily use form that collects the information and provides a Mileage Transaction Summary report that offers a look at the cost of ownership of these vehicles," says Ed Smith, President of Agile. "When maintenance and depreciation costs can total $5,000 a year per vehicle, it's pretty important to know that the Commonwealth has the correct number of vehicles and costs for fuel fall within expected ranges. We are pleased that FleetCommander can offer the EECPPC a way to manage that information in such a way that helps reduce their costs," he says. Kentucky EEC PPC's Ken Joyce says, "FleetCommander has been a dream for us. And we get top quality service from Agile's customer support."

"Right-sizing their fleet, reducing staff workload, and managing their fleet more efficiently were goals the EEC PPC set when originally launching FleetCommander; it's very gratifying to see them come to fruition and exceeded. We are proud to be a part of their success," says Smith.

About Agile Access Control, Inc.

FleetCommander creator Agile Access Control, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Chantilly, Va., which serves fleet and motor pool managers in the university, government, utility and commercial sectors. Agile's FleetCommander software is a powerful, highly configurable, web-based application that streamlines the use of vehicles through easy-to-use software, and presents real-time data in the form of intuitive dashboards, graphs, gauges, online forms, and a wide variety of reports. The suite of FleetCommander technology tools also includes Agile FleetShare™, car sharing technology that offers keys-in-the-car access to geographically dispersed vehicles with a scanned ID card at the windshield; unstaffed check-in at kiosks, secure key control and key boxes; in-vehicle utilization and diagnostic devices; GPS solutions, and much more - all tied into the FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software. Resulting in lower vehicle and personnel costs and higher customer satisfaction, FleetCommander can be used as a stand-alone, customized fleet management system or integrated with an organization's existing fleet systems. For more information, contact Agile Access Control, Inc. at 408-213-9555 x1 or or visit